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The Importance of Diet, Exercise & Sleep for Entrepreneurs

If you ask any entrepreneur (and not just the successful ones), you will discover that they lead intensely stressful lives at times. Particularly, when they are establishing themselves and growing their businesses. High risk behaviour gets the blood pressure moving; and the importance of diet, exercise and sleep for entrepreneurs cannot be overestimated. They will tell you, that it is often hard to get to sleep, when millions of dollars are at stake and the security of many staff may be compromised by an adverse outcome. Deals can make or break businesses and people.

Entrepreneurs Balancing on the Highwire of Risk, Stress, Success & Failure

To cope with balancing on the highwire of risk, stress, success and failure, it pays to be on top of your diet, exercising and getting enough sleep. Easier said than done, however, as many of us self-medicate with alcohol, food and drugs. The old play hard and party hard chestnut is a sure-fire recipe for an early grave. Better to burn up than fade away, might be okay in a Hollywood movie, but in the real world, the newspapers will be writing your obituary. Life on the steep slopes of potential success and failure demands lightning fast reflexes and a strong survival instinct.

Balanced on the Entrepreneurial Highwire with Daggy Aplomb

Success stories abound on the business speaking circuit (not many failures get a gig); and we all love to hear about those who overcome adversity to reach the giddy peaks of celebrity. Tech business moguls have been the flavour of the year for some time now; and these, often nerdy geniuses appear quite nondescript. They have, obviously, balanced on that entrepreneurial highwire with daggy aplomb. Perhaps, a good diet, exercise and plenty of sleep, pushed Bill Gates and the Google boys to the very top of their professions? Somehow I doubt it, but you never know.

Beat Stress with Exercise & Nutrition

The cocaine and the booze will not, ultimately, serve you well on the road to success. Exercise the monkey body and eat plenty of nuts and bananas. Avoid the pizza, the burgers, and the fried chicken. Drink in moderation; and don’t mix social drinking with your work commitments. You want a clear mind when challenges appear on the horizon. Taking deep breaths and meditating is a better way to deal with business pressures. Go for a brisk morning walk to start your day or close it with some stress releasing exercise.


Contemplating Corrective Surgery?

Seven Tips for Selecting a Cosmetic Surgeon

The most important factor to be cognisant about is the difference between plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons. Most of us think that both terms are synonymous with each other, but that is not the case. In Australia, it is a matter of specialist training and length of education within that specialised field. Plastic surgeons must have studied specialist surgery for a minimum of five years and have a total of twelve years of medical and surgical training. They then, can call themselves Specialist Plastic Surgeons (SPS) and are Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). These SPS have been especially trained to perform invasive surgical procedures. Doctors with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) do not have the same level of training in invasive surgical procedures and are not accredited by the governing body. They are, however, able to promote themselves as performing cosmetic surgery on this basis. Here are seven tips for selecting a cosmetic surgeon.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon?

If your selected surgeon is not a SPS, then, your cosmetic surgeon, may have done a weekend workshop conducted by a breast implant distributor in how to perform breast augmentation surgery. This may be on top of a basic medical degree and a one-year internship in a hospital. Is this enough specialised training to perform invasive surgery on your body? Reports in the media about horrific cases of cosmetic surgery gone wrong in Australia, would indicate that is not the case. If your doctor is promoting himself or herself, as Dr Smith (or whoever) operating from a cosmetic surgery clinic, then, you know they are legally not allowed say they are a surgeon, because they are not. Invasive surgical procedures are not to be taken lightly or something to bargain with.

Check Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Credentials

Never assume anything, my father used to say to me, and he was right. Check your cosmetic surgeon’s credentials prior to signing any contract or having any procedure performed upon your person. There is a common misconception, in this day and age, that plastic surgery is somehow safe as houses. All surgery carries serious risks by its very nature; and if your surgeon is not really an experienced and highly trained specialist surgeon, then, you may be in trouble.

The First Cut is the Deepest

Invasive surgical procedures and the title of this well-known song have some essential things in common. Once you are under the knife there is no backing out or time for second thoughts, so, do not rush into cosmetic surgery. This tip may save you some expensive reconstructive surgery, which will be needed to clean up the mess made by your first hasty wrong choice.

Plastic Surgeons Do It Better

SPS have available to them, a comprehensive range of surgical techniques and solutions at their fingertips, because they are specifically trained to do so. Your inexperienced cosmetic surgeon may only have one trick to their bow, when it comes to performing your augmentation. Don’t put yourself into the hands of shallow learning and abilities. Plastic surgeons know that cosmetic surgeons, often, take shortcuts, due to their lack of technical surgical knowledge and experience.

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Another smart tip for selecting a cosmetic surgeon is to ask around friends and family for a word of mouth recommendation. The proof is in the pudding, as they say; and truthful feedback from someone you trust who say has had a successful breast augmentation operation is worth a thousand shiny brochures and website pages. They say, time heals all wounds, so, hearing positive reports about a cosmetic surgery procedure a year or two down the track is particularly valuable information.

GP Referrals for Cosmetic Surgeons

A referral from your local GP is another good source to investigate, when seeking the services of an excellent cosmetic surgeon. GPs are referring hundreds of patients to reputable plastic surgeons every day of the week.

Proper Exercise & Nutrition for Bone Health

When considering a change to your diet and a new approach to your health and fitness levels, it pays to have a good grounding in basic nutritional science. Now, nutrition has been the neglected sibling in the medical science family, with doctors and professors overly enamoured with pharmaceuticals and their corporate backers. This is beginning to change, however, as a new generation of medical scientists recognise the fundamental importance of a good diet and healthy lifestyle to the functioning of the human body.  Governments, in my view, have, also, neglected the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles to our communities.

Preventative Measures Can Improve Bone Health

Where are the PR ads for fruit and vegetable consumption to combat the high rotation of fast food and sugary snack ads funded by vested commercial interests? Where are the ads promoting an active lifestyle to challenge the endless number of ads for cars on our TV screens? This is where the minimal role of government in the conservative political spectrum does not serve the community well. The food and health industries cannot be left to the vagaries of the marketplace if we want to avoid billions of dollars of medical costs and enjoy longer and healthier lifestyles in Australia. Preventative measures can improve bone health, but they must be promoted by governments and health departments.

Good Nutrition Saves Lives

We need, as a nation, to find proper alignment between the needs of our community and the needs of business. Good health, which includes teeth, should be promoted on par with the many advertising campaigns promoting things, which do not equate to optimal wellbeing. Controls, which exist over the marketing of tobacco and alcohol, must be extended to foods high in sugar, with no nutritional value, and fast foods. These are not freedom of speech issues, they are small sectors of our society exploiting the suggestibility and ignorance among the young and unsophisticated among us. Good nutrition saves lives and improves bone health.

The Sedentary Lifestyle is Killing Us

The sedentary lifestyle is killing us. All these labour-saving devices, which have been invented over the last hundred years are contributing to obesity and poor bone health. Pushing buttons to wash your clothes, your dishes, do your daily work, and so on, is not conducive to good health in the long term. I mean, people are now paying to go to the gym, because their lifestyles are too physically undemanding; how ironic is that?


Living Cruelty Free in India

The cruelty free lifestyle is beginning to take hold in small pockets around the globe. The idea that we, as human beings, can make every effort to navigate our lives without contributing to excessive cruelty to animals and other human beings is a good thing. Some would go much further and take a vegan approach to their interaction with other species on this planet. Some Buddhists are committed to a similarly non-violent footprint upon the earth. Living cruelty free in India is probably easier than in the west. The country has a rich vegetarian tradition, which provides an enormous range of flesh-free ingredients and dishes.

Cruelty Free Issues in India

This is not a utopia for animals, however, with many reported bad dairy farming practices occurring around the country. There are cruelty free issues in India, which need to be addressed, before any stamp of approval is given. Developing nations are often more concerned with having enough to eat, than with the more sophisticated concerns of wealthy westerners. India has emerged in recent times as a rapidly growing middle-class behemoth. Thus, many observers feel it is time for them to pay attention to things like cruelty free practices in their agricultural and manufacturing industries.

The Cruelty Free Focus in the Beauty Industry

The cruelty free focus in the beauty industry, through animal testing in the manufacture of cosmetics, is where this whole impetus got started. In my own view, if we all stopped wearing makeup and cosmetics the world would be a better place per se. There is something basically dishonest in manipulating your appearance via makeup. The reliance on billions of dollars’ worth of creams and cosmetics, reeks of insecurity and the suggestible nature of human beings being exploited by big business, in my opinion. That animals are being made to suffer, so that the skins of human beings do not have an adverse reaction to an external substance, just makes it worse.

Humans Have Been Hurting Animals Since the Beginning

Yes, humans have been hurting animals since the beginning, in India and throughout the ancient world. You can study the writings of the ancient Greeks, Romans and early Christian fathers and find a disdainful and callous attitude to animals in the main. A very few figures like Pythagoras, Porphyry and a couple of other ancients, made the case for treating animals kindly, but the vast majority were keen to distance human beings from their four legged mammalian peers.


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