If you ask any entrepreneur (and not just the successful ones), you will discover that they lead intensely stressful lives at times. Particularly, when they are establishing themselves and growing their businesses. High risk behaviour gets the blood pressure moving; and the importance of diet, exercise and sleep for entrepreneurs cannot be overestimated. They will tell you, that it is often hard to get to sleep, when millions of dollars are at stake and the security of many staff may be compromised by an adverse outcome. Deals can make or break businesses and people.

Entrepreneurs Balancing on the Highwire of Risk, Stress, Success & Failure

To cope with balancing on the highwire of risk, stress, success and failure, it pays to be on top of your diet, exercising and getting enough sleep. Easier said than done, however, as many of us self-medicate with alcohol, food and drugs. The old play hard and party hard chestnut is a sure-fire recipe for an early grave. Better to burn up than fade away, might be okay in a Hollywood movie, but in the real world, the newspapers will be writing your obituary. Life on the steep slopes of potential success and failure demands lightning fast reflexes and a strong survival instinct.

Balanced on the Entrepreneurial Highwire with Daggy Aplomb

Success stories abound on the business speaking circuit (not many failures get a gig); and we all love to hear about those who overcome adversity to reach the giddy peaks of celebrity. Tech business moguls have been the flavour of the year for some time now; and these, often nerdy geniuses appear quite nondescript. They have, obviously, balanced on that entrepreneurial highwire with daggy aplomb. Perhaps, a good diet, exercise and plenty of sleep, pushed Bill Gates and the Google boys to the very top of their professions? Somehow I doubt it, but you never know.

Beat Stress with Exercise & Nutrition

The cocaine and the booze will not, ultimately, serve you well on the road to success. Exercise the monkey body and eat plenty of nuts and bananas. Avoid the pizza, the burgers, and the fried chicken. Drink in moderation; and don’t mix social drinking with your work commitments. You want a clear mind when challenges appear on the horizon. Taking deep breaths and meditating is a better way to deal with business pressures. Go for a brisk morning walk to start your day or close it with some stress releasing exercise.