When considering a change to your diet and a new approach to your health and fitness levels, it pays to have a good grounding in basic nutritional science. Now, nutrition has been the neglected sibling in the medical science family, with doctors and professors overly enamoured with pharmaceuticals and their corporate backers. This is beginning to change, however, as a new generation of medical scientists recognise the fundamental importance of a good diet and healthy lifestyle to the functioning of the human body.  Governments, in my view, have, also, neglected the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles to our communities.

Preventative Measures Can Improve Bone Health

Where are the PR ads for fruit and vegetable consumption to combat the high rotation of fast food and sugary snack ads funded by vested commercial interests? Where are the ads promoting an active lifestyle to challenge the endless number of ads for cars on our TV screens? This is where the minimal role of government in the conservative political spectrum does not serve the community well. The food and health industries cannot be left to the vagaries of the marketplace if we want to avoid billions of dollars of medical costs and enjoy longer and healthier lifestyles in Australia. Preventative measures can improve bone health, but they must be promoted by governments and health departments.

Good Nutrition Saves Lives

We need, as a nation, to find proper alignment between the needs of our community and the needs of business. Good health, which includes teeth, should be promoted on par with the many advertising campaigns promoting things, which do not equate to optimal wellbeing. Controls, which exist over the marketing of tobacco and alcohol, must be extended to foods high in sugar, with no nutritional value, and fast foods. These are not freedom of speech issues, they are small sectors of our society exploiting the suggestibility and ignorance among the young and unsophisticated among us. Good nutrition saves lives and improves bone health.

The Sedentary Lifestyle is Killing Us

The sedentary lifestyle is killing us. All these labour-saving devices, which have been invented over the last hundred years are contributing to obesity and poor bone health. Pushing buttons to wash your clothes, your dishes, do your daily work, and so on, is not conducive to good health in the long term. I mean, people are now paying to go to the gym, because their lifestyles are too physically undemanding; how ironic is that?